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Many different companies say online they have a natural cure for herpes. The fact is, there has been a cure available for a long time, but the medication only cures the active virus. When a person suffers from a herpes outbreak, not all of the latent virus is activated. It’s this inactive virus that is impossible to kill. Although there are several ways to control outbreaks, sure-fire methods to kill the herpes virus when it’s inactive remains investigational. Read the HSV eraser reviews for understanding the importance of this program and how this can help in curing herpes.

Natural Cures for Herpes

There are a couple different types of herpes, but the focus here is genital herpes. The root cause of Genital herpes virus is direct sexual contact of an infected person that transmits the virus. It is not necessary for the infected person to have a visible herpes lesion at the time of intercourse in order for the disease to be spread. Herpes is a wide-spread problem in the United States, with approximately 58 percent of the adult population carrying this virus. Many people don’t believe they have herpes, because they have only had one outbreak and that was only mild with one sore. Outbreaks will most definitely continue without treatment, and each outbreak can vary in severity. This is where a natural cure for herpes can be helpful.

How is Herpes Transmitted?

As mentioned earlier, herpes is spread through direct skin-to-skin contact. It is not an airborne virus, which means it cannot be spread through the air. One cannot be infected with herpes by sitting on a public toilet seat instead having sexual relations with an individual, it is possible to contract herpes during contact. This is true, even if a man is wearing a condom. Unless herpes outbreaks are only on the inner lining of the vagina or on the shaft of the penis, all of the skin that is exposed is still able to give or get herpes. It is estimated that about 75 percent of the adult population is at risk for developing genital herpes during sexual intercourse. As the herpes virus affects the immune system, one natural cure for herpes is aimed at boosting the immune system. This product, called immunity plus, has not been evaluated by the FDA, but is said to contain all-natural ingredients that help to give a person energy when he or she is feeling run down, boost the immune system and prevent premature degeneration of blood cells.

It is suggested that a person consult with his or her physician prior to trying any type of natural cure for herpes. This is largely because some of these natural medications may contain ingredients that will react with certain prescription drugs. Many traditional medical professionals do not believe in using a natural cure for herpes and may even recommend against these cures. The fact is, these medical professionals were not taught about the realm of homeopathic remedies, therefore they don’t know too much about the remedies’ efficacy. With that said, there are some steps a person can take, on their own, to minimize the intensity of an outbreak as well as the number of outbreaks that occur, just by following these few simple steps. First, avoid any product that contains the artificial sweetener aspartame. This sweetener has been linked to herpes outbreaks. Change your diet to include foods that are high in lysine and low in arginine. Tea tree oil can be used to lessen the amount of time an outbreak lasts. Prunella vulgaris, an herb, is said to prevent herpes altogether. Stress increases the amount of outbreaks and the intensity of these outbreaks. Avoid stress as much as possible.

Home Remedies from Patients

While there are many websites that boast a natural cure for herpes, actual people who have herpes have their own cures. Most of the times, these natural cures for herpes are some ways to make an outbreak less intense. Most of the patients recommend using bleach on a q-tip and rub it on the affected area for several minutes, until the wound begins to bleed. Allow the bleach to stay on the wound for several minutes and then rinse off. This method may be effective, but it is possible to get too much bleach in your body, which will make you sick. Other patients take high doses of L-lysine each day. While there are sites that claim they have a natural cure for herpes, the fact remains that nothing has been proven to kill the virus that remains latent in the cells of the body.

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